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Jason Walker PsyD, PhD

About Jason Walker PsyD, PhD

Jason Walker has studied the psychology of human behavior for the majority of his career. Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Walker is a well-respected consultant working with organizations on complex human resource issues and in First Nation communities tackling issues related to health, social services, education, and administration. Jason Walker’s research and educational journey have taken him all over the world, and he has been internationally recognized as an expert in the field of workplace bullying and sexual harassment.

Dr. Walker is the managing director of Indigenous Social Development & Innovation (ISDI), specializing in leading and consulting with First Nation communities on issues related to health, social development, education, and administration.  He is also a senior associate with BDO Canada LLP, an international financial and advisory firm where he provides support in their Aboriginal Business stream.

Jason Walker is dedicated to supporting practices of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Through careful research and an outpouring of evidence, Dr. Walker has seen that a focus on complex Human Resources issues is needed in a wide variety of circumstances. Most notably, these circumstances include workplace investigations around bullying and sexual harassment. While the work is rewarding, Jason Walker is reminded often of the hardships and trauma that members of these communities are struggling with. He has personally had a hand in consulting on social issues ranging from child welfare to mental health and addictions, to suicide intervention and prevention, and other traumatic experiences.

Over the past 6 years, Jason Walker has had heavy involvement with First Nation communities, where he has held multiple positions in senior management.  Jason has created and supported programs and services that are focused on Nation building by taking on significant health, social and educational issues through innovative and trauma-informed policy practice. As the work required within First Nation’s government grew, so did Dr. Walker’s responsibilities. In addition to serving as the Director of multiple Community and Social programs, Jason Walker also served as the Director of Health, Chief Administrative Officer, and Executive Director including leading on-reserve social assistance support services in BC. All of these roles had a major impact in creating positive community-driven practices that were not only welcomed by the communities he was serving but also respected by notable members of the psychology and health industries.

Jason began educational journey began with an emphasis in Psychology at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. He continued to study elements of Psychology while working towards his Master’s Degree in Social Work and Child Maltreatment at the University of Toronto. Working towards a bigger goal of bringing positive change to child welfare, Jason began studying for his Ph.D. in Social Work at the University of Calgary before withdrawing due to his own issues with trauma and PTSD.  He then returned to studies graduating from Northcentral University with his Ph.D. in Psychology. Dr. Walker recently completed his clinical PsyD at California Southern University and graduated in August of 2018.

Jason Walker continues to educate himself on behavioral sciences and the human condition in the hopes of creating real change within as many communities as possible. His passion for implementing positive directions for these communities to grow is part of what feeds his research. Jason Walker believes in focusing on dreaming big, doing what is right instead of what is easy and finishing what he starts.

For more information on Jason Walker and his work within First Nation communities, Human Resources consultancy, and psychology research, please follow Dr. Walker’s blog, located on the blog tab of this website.


  • Scholarships – Universities of Calgary, Toronto & McMaster
  • The Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership
  • Alumni Star of Excellence – McMaster University
  • The Blue and Gold Circle Award – University of Victoria
  • Greater Victoria Community Leader of the Year Runner Up
  • Medal of Honour – The Canadian Volunteer Award/Governor General Caring Hands Award
  • Meritorious Certificate – The Priory of Canada – for saving a life
  • The Priory of Canada – The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem


“Jason brings a thoughtful grounded approach to working with First Nation communities. With a viewpoint grounded in respect and collaboration,  Jason’s work aims to support community development well-being.” – Carole Ann Hilton, MBA, CEO and Founder of Indigenomics Institue

“Dr. Walker takes an innovative and intuitive approach to research. He is known for his work in First Nation communities in Canada and is recognized for addressing issues of workplace bullying and sexual harassment.” – Dr. Miranda Mae Phillips, Dean, Lamara Institute of Technology, Texas USA



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Psychology

Northcentral University, San Diego, California

2015 – Present

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Clinical, Candidate

California Southern University, California

2010 – 2011

Master of Law (LLM) International Law (Coursework)

The University of Liverpool, UK

ABD 2006

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Social Work (All But Dissertation)

The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Master of Social Work (MSW) Child Maltreatment

University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Bachelor of Arts (Hon BA Psych) Psychology

McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

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