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An employer must be aware of the ongoings among his employees and strive to keep a clean and non-toxic work environment for all. A toxic work environment can lead to higher stress levels in your employees, lower productivity rates, and even higher turnover. To ensure that your workplace is far from toxic here are the tips to resolving issues of the team in a way that benefits everyone.

1. Give Credit Where It Is Earned

If the employees are battling and competing amongst each other and taking credit for another’s work, this can negatively impact the company. Make sure that everyone is getting the credit they deserve for the work that they are doing on common projects.

2. Encourage Team Work

Even if there are only some employees that perform at their peak, it is important to not ridicule or humiliate everyone else because of them. This could lead to employees discouraged instead of being healthily competitive. The way this can work out well is for the top employees to mentor the ones that are having trouble.

3. Do Not Pick Favorites

Picking favorite employees is unproductive and unhealthy for the whole company. This can lead to the formation of certain cliques and alienation of the scapegoats which will separate the team.

4. Be An Example

The employer must be an example of what they are preaching. If the employer criticizes harshly employees for what they do at work but never acknowledge their own mistakes, it will create a bad image of influence on all the employees.

5. Provide A Platform For Feedback

Communication between employees and employers has to be organized in a way that everyone will be aware of negative feedback without any tension and gossip between colleagues. Good feedback will be positive for those who are doing well and motivate them to perform even better.

6. Open Office

An employer should not be feared by their employees. Employees should feel their employer open to new suggestions. While it is important to be seen as the leader, it is also good to have employees be able to come up and share their concerns. Many employees have good ideas that they hold back from sharing with their employer. This also creates an unharmonious work environment and many missed opportunities for the growth of the company.

Implementing these tips in your own office will help create an environment that allows your employees to grow and develop their skills.