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About Jason Walker PsyD, PhD

Dr. Walker specializes in psychology, psychometrics, research, Indigenous relations, and civil mediation. He is known for his work as an expert in the assessment, investigation, and intervention of workplace bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct. Jason works with organizations on complex human resource issues, organizational development, policy development as well as mental wellness.

Dr. Walker has over 17 years of progressive leadership experience in the private and public sectors (health and social services) with 7 years working in Indigenous communities across Canada. He is a published academic author on issues related to mental health, workplace bullying and harassment and policy development.

Jason began his career as a child protection worker in Toronto investigating horrific child abuse, sex assaults, and major crimes. He left Toronto and attended the University of Calgary where he attempted unsuccessfully to complete a Ph.D. focusing on assessment tool crimes against children. After withdrawing from U of C being unable to manage his anxiety and depression along with his perceived academic failure he lied about his credentials. In 2009 this caught up to him and he answered for this mistake to the courts. Since that time Jason has dedicated his career towards supporting people living with trauma.

Today, Dr. Walker is known for his commitment and work to his community and sits on multiple not-for-profit boards that support the social and mental well being of others. He works across Canada with organizations building by dealing with complex social, health, education, mental health and administrative issues in a respectful and safe way.


  • Scholarships – Toronto & McMaster
  • The Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership
  • Alumni Star of Excellence – McMaster University
  • The Blue and Gold Circle Award – University of Victoria
  • Greater Victoria Community Leader of the Year Runner Up
  • Medal of Honour – The Canadian Volunteer Award/Governor General Caring Hands Award
  • Meritorious Certificate – The Priory of Canada – for saving a life
  • The Priory of Canada – The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem


“Jason brings a thoughtful grounded approach to working with First Nation communities. With a viewpoint grounded in respect and collaboration,  Jason’s work aims to support community development well-being.” – Carole Ann Hilton, MBA, CEO and Founder of Indigenomics Institue

“Dr. Walker takes an innovative and intuitive approach to research. He is known for his work in First Nation communities in Canada and is recognized for addressing issues of workplace bullying and sexual harassment.” – Dr. Miranda Mae Phillips, Dean, Lamara Institute of Technology, Texas USA



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Psychology

Northcentral University, San Diego, California

2015 – Present

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Clinical, Candidate

California Southern University, California

2010 – 2011

Master of Law (LLM) International Law (Coursework)

No degree conferred.

ABD 2006

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Social Work (All But Dissertation)

No degree conferred.


Master of Social Work (MSW) Child Maltreatment

University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Bachelor of Arts (Hon BA Psych) Psychology

McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

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