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Many people dream of what they could be if only they were more self-disciplined. In these dreams, they see themselves achieving their personal, social and professional goals. However, these visions need not be simply chimeras. By learning to become more self-disciplined, individuals can also become more successful.


  1. Put the alarm on the other side of the room.


In many cases, growing more self-disciplined starts with waking up early instead of hitting the snooze button one or more times in the morning. Getting up earlier gives individuals more time to work on projects, a better chance of getting in a full and healthy breakfast and perhaps the opportunity to go to the gym. To stop hitting snooze, simply put the alarm on the other side of the room so that getting out of bed is necessary to turn it off.


  1. Begin with smaller goals.


When people think of growing more self-disciplined, they may envision themselves walking across the stage with a doctoral degree or own a huge house in the country one day. These goals are important to have, but so is setting smaller goals along the way. For example, a person could start by taking one doctoral class in the upcoming semester or by setting up a small amount of money to automatically go into a savings account with each paycheck. Accomplishing these smaller tasks can help people feel motivated to move on to the bigger ones.


  1. Journal about emotions and experiences.


It’s easy to lose a sense of discipline and sit on the couch for days watching television, gorge on loads of unhealthy snacks and take an extended nap instead of working on a pivotal project. After engaging in these negative behaviors, people should journal about how they feel. They should also journal about how they feel when engaging in positive behaviors. When they are feeling tempted to give up on their self-discipline, they should take a look at the journal and recall how badly they felt last time that they did so. Then, they can feel inspired to aim for those more positive emotions.


Turning into a more self-disciplined individual isn’t necessarily easy, but it is certainly rewarding. Being self-disciplined can help you flourish and succeed within your profession. By utilizing these tips it can help people to get started on their paths to a life that they consider to be more productive.