Natural born leaders are few and far between. Many leaders get where the are today because of what training they put themselves through. Leaders train themselves in a variety of ways, whether that’s gaining insights from others or learning through personal experience. Regardless, being an effective leader isn’t about what know, it is about what you do. If you are looking to become a more effective leader, here are a few ways that you can train yourself to be a great leader.

If you make a promise, keep it.

As leader, you will find yourself going out of the way to please the people around you. Sometimes this means you can get ahead of yourself and take on more promises than what you can keep. One thing that will kill your credibility pretty fast is not keeping your word. It can be challenging to keep a promise sometimes, especially when your schedule is packed, but commitment with your team and your colleagues helps develop discipline and integrity.

Dress to Influence

In a world where business casual is prominent in most offices, it’s important not to throw your image out the door. You will want to make sure that your appearance stays consistent with both your personal and professional brand without looking sloppy. Ask yourself how a leader with your passions and dreams should appear to others. While sweatpants are much comfier then dress pants, they don’t embody what it means to be a leader.

Treat Your Team With the Same Respect as Clients

Asking your team to be courteous and kind to the clients, but you treating them with disrespect and abuse is hypocritical. Just because you are in an elevated position, does not give you the right to be disrespectful. As a leader you need to be courtesy in everything that you do and find any way that you support your employees.

Commit to Growth

To get your business to grow, you need to be able to grow yourself and grow your team. When your team is able to improve, you will find that so will your service levels, as well as the rest of the of the business.

Don’t Wait for Feedback

When leaders receive feedback, they will often take it as a criticism and not see it as a learning opportunity. Feedback is a great way to finding out how you are performing and where you can improve as a leader. But, don’t wait around for your employees to give your feedback. Be upfront and ask for their opinions. Don’t ask them to list what they like and dislike about you. Ask them for their opinions and insights on how you can be a better leader.